Southpaw Axes Guitar Tuition
Brighton, Hove, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill

Offering structured lessons which are tailored to suit your needs and styles
and help you reach the standard of playing you wish to achieve.
I also provide round the clock support for you via phone and email if you need it.

**I offer the first 30 minute lesson with me completely FREE**

I’m Lewis, I studied guitar at Brighton Institute of Modern Music from 2004 to 2006 and have been teaching guitar ever since. I also have vast experience playing live shows across the country and have a lot of hours studio work under my belt.

I currently play guitar with my function band ‘REVIVAL‘, Check out our music videos to the left, of which I did the arrangements.


I’ve also have a series of videos for YouTube which you can find HERE which is constantly being updated.

One area I specialize is teaching young people who have tried to learn guitar as part of a large group at school but feel they aren’t getting any results as the groups are too big. They get almost no one to one tuition. Its very hard to progress if you’re not getting the specific help you need in order to it.

I have recording facilities at my disposal and I regularly record backing tracks for my students in order for them to practice their specific songs at their own pace, rather than try and keep up with the original song which may be too fast for them.

I welcome all levels and ages of guitar player, from absolute beginner to advanced. I cover Brighton & Hove and the surroundings areas.

I also have my own soundproof studio located in Burgess Hill, outfitted with top end guitars, valve amplifiers, effects pedals and recording equipment, so pupils can come and practice at gig  level volume without upsetting anyone!

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Over the years in my role as a guitar tutor I have developed a longstanding relationship with Bedrock Music in Burgess Hill. I  feel that they share the same values of support and encouragement as well as being on hand to upgrade, repair or refurbish your guitars. I therefore recommend that my students use Bedrock Music so they also benefit from the great service it provides. The owner, Steve, is there from your first guitar, through to your gigging valve amp. It’s a real pleasure to deal with someone who is extremely knowledgeable and shares a passion for the music industry.

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John Butler From Steyning

I started as a complete novice, having often thought that I’d like to play the guitar, but had never even picked one up to try. With a lot of help and guidance from Lewis, in just over a month I’ve been able to play quite a few chords and feel confident that I’m improving each week. The warm up exercises work really well and I’m enjoying doing something I’d thought I would never be able to master. Obviously after only a month I’ve a long way to go to be competent, but I feel that I’m improving each week and enjoying it, which is the main thing.

Jessica Hunt From Hurstpierpoint

Lewis has been teaching my 9 year old son for 8 months. The tuition is perfect for what he needs, Lewis is patient, inspiring and reliable. The lessons are fun and my son has progressed really well. I would definitely recommend him as a teacher.

Danielle Meindertsma From Brighton

Lewis has been teaching my daughter guitar over the past 6 months. He has made this time very enjoyable and interesting. He always is full of enthusiasm and his love for teaching and playing guitar is very infectious. He is an outstanding teacher. He is enthusiastic, patient,  very knowledgable, flexible in is teaching and his teaching style and adapts to the needs and abilities of the pupil. He happily stayed extra time, whenever my daughter needed just that bit more to graps fully what he was teaching. He also would sent tracks through by email for her to use to help with her timing and playing. He also insisted that we called him if something was unclear of if she needed any help before the next lesson, he would be happy to advise over the phone. His upbeat and easy going personality made the lessons a joy. He would bring printouts of what he was teaching, so my daughter has accumulated a wonderful folder. He would always ask what my daughter would be interested in learning/ playing and he would help her with this. He has even brought along and shared his different guitars for my daughter to have a go on. And to top it off his fees are more than reasonable. We have experienced several different music teachers, however Lewis is definately a cut above the rest. My daughter has learned so much, thank you Lewis.

Steve Monteiro from Cuckfield

Having decided to take up the guitar 30 years on from when I first played in my teens, I made the decision to get some professional guitar tuition. I’m very glad I did and especially glad I found Lewis at Southpaw Axes. Lewis is a natural and highly-talented teacher who is able to provide the right structure and approach to make the lessons fun and rewarding. Lessons with Lewis are an absolute pleasure and I have advanced far more than I could ever have imagined. Definitely to be recommended.

Bridgette Ryan From Brighton

“Lewis has been teaching our son James the guitar for a year and he has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons.

 Lewis’s  has great enthusiasm and his rapport with James makes him eager to learn and practice. His technique of teaching the music that the pupil wants to play works well and James has learnt many new songs.

It has been nothing but a pleasure having Lewis come to our house to teach James and I would recommend him to anyone looking for lessons.”

Bettina Linstrum From Brighton

Nurturing and encouraging. The support our 7 year old gets from Lewis is fantastic. Our son is completely motivated and looks forward to his lesson every week, he practices without needing to be reminded.

Kieron Jones In Hassocks

“To find someone who knows how to play guitar is one thing, but to find someone with the capability to transfer this knowledge requires different skills.  For me Lewis is one of these people.  He uses a very structured way teaching the guitar.  From basics over theory to various practical exercises to improve skills and speed.  Lewis always has an open mind, encourages and spices up the lesson by trying out new things and adapts to the individual taste or interest.  Not least he is a nice person and each lesson is a pleasure.  
Personally, Lewis have helped me get to the next level, by unlocking the doors to a few key areas for me, which has enabled me to improve my songwriting range ten fold. I have learned a lot from him and can really recommend him.” 
Kieron Jones – Another Eden

Lisa From Worthing

Lewis is great!

My daughter has been taking lessons with him and has enjoyed every one. She has, as well, learned a lot. It is so nice to have a teacher that is passionate about what he does….it just naturally comes through in the lessons. He’s also very ‘on top of stuff’….if he says he will send us links to music to listen to, or tabs that my daughter needs for practice, we will have it that night. The one thing he should do differently is charge more…he’s worth it. We are very glad to have found him :)

Emma From Brighton

“Lewis is a natural teacher. My son has had lessons with Lewis for 9 months now and enjoys every minute of it. Lewis allows the pupil to chose their own song to learn, which I think is great. Better than the old music classes in my day. I’m really happy with the progress my son has made and I believe this is due to Lewis’s natural teaching style, I would highly recommend Lewis to anybody who would like to learn to play!”

Julie Wade From Hassocks

Great tuition tailored to my needs, always available for advice, patient and encouraging. Enthusiastic about playing and teaching guitar which inspires me to keep going with it!

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 I normally respond to all emails on the same day, or within 24 hours at the very latest. If you haven’t received a reply from me in this time please check your JUNK email folder as I’ve been informed by a couple of people that my response has gone straight there.